Dress Hire - 10 Reasons Why - Dress Rental NZ - Dress Rental NZ

Dress Hire - 10 Reasons Why - Dress Rental NZ

Dress Hire - 10 Reasons Why - Dress Rental NZ

Now of course outfit choice is the most important decision when attending formal events. You could buy new or reading this article just might convince you of hiring an outfit for your next event!


  1. It’s cheaper

The average fast-fashion dress is not as cheap as you would think. If you’re looking at say Glasson’s price level, dresses suitable for formal-ish events can still run you 40-60 - similar in price to the dresses we rent! These also aren’t as beautifully made or as flattering as a designer dress.

  1. Wear Beautiful designer clothes

Although designer labels are pricier there is a marked difference in quality. For example, a designer bodycon from a label such as Bec and Bridge will suck you in and flatter your figure whereas a cheaper alternative may leave you lumpy and bumpy. You get what you pay for and fabric and materials used by high-end labels are simply thicker, higher quality and therefore more expensive.

 Pink Bec and Bridge Dresses


  1. Flattering cut’s and styles

Designer's tend to have a larger budget and the luxury of putting a lot more thought in the design process, where patterns are strategically cut to flatter your shape. You may have noticed that almost exactly the same dresses and design pop up in more than one brand. This is because manufacturers can produce larger quantities of the same dress more cheaply. Different brands simply put their own label on the dress instead of paying for custom designs and patterns.


  1. Eco-friendly

Hiring a dress is also a show of support for the circular economy and reduces the impact on the environment.


  1. Support local and meaningful brands

Most New Zealand dress rental businesses (including Dress Rental NZ!) purchase many of their dresses from much loved local brands such as Ruby, Maggie Marilyn etc. Although you may not be able to own a piece or purchase frequently, renting is still a show of support. When you spread positive word of mouth and post on social media this spreads awareness of these labels and encourages others to purchase from them too.


  1. Ethical manufacturing

Higher end labels often manufacture within their own country. In NZ and Australia where renting is popular many local brands use local manufacturing.


Being developed countries there are better legal protections in place to ensure decent wages and working conditions. By supporting these brands you are also supporting more ethical production.


  1. More wardrobe space

Renting instead of buying will also leave you with a ton of extra storage space in your wardrobe!


  1. Wear the latest trends

Trends come and go, sometimes what popular one year is the complete opposite the next. Renting allows you to wear the most popular fashions without having to invest in them for the long term.


  1. Create outfits easily

Deciding what you are going to wear can be a daunting task! Luckily our rental dresses are so stunning and simple to style - you can never go wrong with a simple pair of black or neutral, healed sandals paired with any of our dresses.


  1. Score best dressed at your event!

Finally, be the envy of all of your friends by having the most stylish outfit at your next gathering!


Bec and Bridge Elle Midi Dress Pink 



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