How to get more followers on Instagram - Dress Rental NZ - Dress Rental NZ

How to get more followers on Instagram - Dress Rental NZ

How to get more followers on Instagram - Dress Rental NZ

Instagram Influencer Dress Rental NZ


Calling all budding influencers; follow these top tips to grow your account and gain more followers on the gram!


Post Consistently

Make sure you are posting content regularly enough so that the Instagram algorithm continues to show your content to your followers. But not too much that your audience gets annoyed and unfollows you. 


Create Stunning and Unique Content

Instagram is an image sharing platform, hence the more beautiful and eye catching your content is the better! - Side Note beauty is subjective so remember to create images that appeal to your audience. Despite what your art teacher may have told you there is no right or wrong what one person might think is amazing another may think the complete opposite.


Tag Relevant Accounts But Don’t Spam!!

The majority of accounts on Instagram are actually businesses, one strategy that many utilise is to re-share what’s called user-generated content, or content created by customers and fans of the brand. 

Why? Because it's cheaper and allows them to cultivate a stronger more authentic relationship with their customers. This can be advantageous to any aspiring influencer as it presents an opportunity to have your content reposted by an account with a larger following.

If there is a brand you love then don’t hesitate to post pictures of yourself using/wearing that product and tagging the brand in the pic. If the picture suits the vibe of the brands feed they just might repost it, sharing your account to a whole new audience! This strategy works best with smaller brands as larger accounts will have many more people tagging them and may not see your post


Collaborate With Similar Accounts

Working with others in a similar niche and similar audience to yours can work wonders for your follower account. By cross promoting both of you will receive more exposure and because your audiences’ tastes are likely to be similar you will have a higher chance of engaging more people.


Test and Adapt 

You never know what is going to work without trying it out first. As you continue to post new content you will get a feel for what works and what doesn't based on how your audience responds. Colours, subjects, captions and the overall look on your feed are all factors that can be changed depending on what your followers like and dislike. 


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