How to Spot Counterfeit and Fake Designer Items

How to Spot Counterfeit and Fake Designer Items

The image above was originally posted by Diet Prada and shows a fake Dior dress next to an authentic one. The fake dress (on the left) was a rental dress by now defunct company - Borrow my Balmain. At the time this image became viral with many calling out the rental company for its questionable ethics and lack of quality control processes to ensure all garments are authentic.

Unfortunately counterfeiting has become a 600 billion dollar industry, with estimates of at least 10% of branded goods sales attributed to fakes. In a world where convincing fakes are everywhere it is important to keep informed in how to spot them. We have created a guide below to help you spot fake designer items:



  1. Check the Price: If the price of a designer item seems too good to be true, it probably is. Authentic designer items are typically sold at prices that are significantly higher than the counterfeit items, so be wary of prices that seem too low.

  2. Inspect the Quality: Counterfeit designer items are often made with poor quality materials, so inspect the item carefully for signs of low quality. Look for loose threads, uneven seams, and other signs that the item was not made with care.

  3. Check the Logo: Designer brands often have a unique logo that is placed on all of their products. If the logo on a designer item seems off, it may be a counterfeit item. Check for misspelled logos, incorrect font, and other discrepancies.

  4. Verify the Seller: Make sure that you are purchasing the item from a reputable seller. Check for reviews and ratings from other customers, and look for sellers who have a long history of selling authentic designer items.

  5. Inspect the Packaging: Authentic designer items often come in high quality packaging, so inspect the packaging carefully for signs of low quality. Check for misspelled words, incorrect logos, and other discrepancies.

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