Rental Agreement/ Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions 

* Our dresses are only available in New Zealand.

By choosing to rent with us you are agreeing to all of the conditions set below. Please read all of  these conditions carefully prior to making a purchase.


Christmas/New Year Policy

Making a booking:

We will send out bookings made between the 20th to 25th December early, All postal bookings for this period will be closed on the 19th so please make sure to book prior to this date if you are wanting your dress sent out.  We will be accepting pick-up orders throughout December and January.

Return times:

If you are making a postal order within the 19th - 25th December time frame you will only need to return your order the next working day after the booked date (not including public holidays or weekends) Pick-up orders will still need to be returned the following day after the booked date.


Please note that dress cancellations for any reason will only be eligible to receive store credit and we must be notified at least 5 working days from the rental date, we cannot guarantee that the dress that was initially hired will still be available. 


Try On's

We are currently offering Postal Try On's. Dresses come with tags attached which cannot be removed. If they are removed then you will be charged the full rental price. Postal try-ons may arrive a little later or earlier than the booked date, if this is the case then we will not provide compensation in the form of refunds or store credit as the garment is just to try on.


Dress Arrival Time

We will endeavour to ensure the dress arrives at the latest on the date you booked the dress for, if not earlier. Please be careful when selecting the address at checkout and ensure that this is correct and deliverable, if a dress is lost or late you will not receive a refund and may be liable to pay for the replacement cost of lost dresses.

All dresses are sent out on overnight courier and dry cleaned or hand washed between rentals. Please place a booking at least four working days before your event (when making the booking, please choose the actual date of your event with the calendar). If an order is made too late then we may have to cancel it and provide store credit instead. Refunds or store credit are not provided for postal try-on orders.



Your garment will be sent out on overnight courier, you will receive text or email confirmation that the dress has been sent. If you do not receive confirmation please get in touch immediately, as in the past we have had renters accidentally put in the incorrect date etc. (Note for your order to be sent out in this time-frame it must be made at least four working days in advance of the rental date) If the garment does not arrive the renter must notify Dress Rental NZ either prior to or on the day of the hire event. If the garment arrives late because of postal delays we will only provide store credit. If the renter books an outfit for the wrong date and subsequently misses out on wearing their outfit they will not receive store credit or a refund. Please note that dresses cannot be requested to arrive earlier than the date they were booked for.


Cancelled Orders

In some unfortunate cases a garment will be returned by the previous renter late or in disrepair. If this impacts your order we will notify you and either organise a replacement order or a refund. In the case of Covid lockdown cancellations, customers with orders will receive store credit. If your event has been cancelled for any reason and you would like store credit we must be notified at least 5 working days before your rental date.


Dress Returns

Please return as soon as possible and at least within one working day of the rental date. If the dress was rented for the weekend it will need to be returned on the following Monday at the latest (except if this day falls on a public holiday). Dresses via postal order are to be returned in the provided return courier bag at a NZ Post Office counter. If the dress is not returned by the working day following the rental date Dress Rental NZ reserves the right to charge a late fee of $20 per each additional day. Please refrain from booking courier pick-ups on the NZ Post website as these are unreliable and may result in a dress being picked up and therefore returned late. If a future booking has to be cancelled because you have returned your dress late then you will need to cover the cost of this booking.


Fit Guarantee 

If the dress arrives and it doesn't fit we can offer store credit to the value of the hire less actual postage cost. For rural this is $16, non-rural it is $12. Please notify us and the dress must be sent back on the same day of receiving it. Please note that store credit for ill-fitting garments can only be used once and has an expiration date of 6 months, if the second garment rented doesn't fit you will not receive store credit again.


Exchange Policy

If you change your mind after a dress is booked as long as the dress has not been sent out and we are given 5 working days notice from the rental date we can offer store credit to use, equal to the amount of your hire. If you would like to switch the dress you have rented to another available dress, we are happy to oblige. If the rental price is lower you will receive store credit, if the rental price is higher you will be charged extra. Just send us an email with your order details and we will arrange a solution from there. We don't provide refunds or store credit for change of mind or fit issues once the dress has been sent and received by the renter so please choose carefully.



Please do not wash, alter or customise the rental dress in any way upon receiving. If a dress has been altered we may require you to pay a fee to have it returned to the original state or pay for the replacement cost of the dress. This is at the discretion of Dress Rental NZ and we reserve the right to automatically charge your card.


Refund Policy

In the case where a garment is received and is not the level of quality stated we can offer a solution. Generally we will offer a full refund but the renter will need to contact us with images and send the garment back within 24 hrs of receiving it. If the garment was received on the Friday for a weekend booking we do not provide refunds. If the garment is still worn or not sent back in time all refunds will be void. We do not offer refunds for change of mind, if faults have already been disclosed in the product description, or if you simply do not like the way the garment looks. 


Damaged/Stained Garments

If a dress is returned damaged or stained beyond repair or in which it cannot be rented out again then the renter will be charged the full amount of the dress plus the loss of future rental income (this amount will be determined by Dress Rental NZ). If the dress is returned with stains they will be billed with a $45 dry cleaning fee. If the dress is returned with open seams and missing buttons they will be billed with a fee to cover minor repair costs. If a renter fails or refuses to pay for these costs they will be handed over to a debt collection agency and/or disputes tribunal.


Optional Damage Waiver

Regardless of whether you opt in to the damage waiver you agree to treat the items with care so that unnecessary damage does not occur. You will be held accountable for loss to the goods due to theft, disappearance, or any other occurrences that may result in the product being lost, if outside of our "Damage Waiver" offerings. This also means that the garment still needs to be returned and remains the property of Dress Rental NZ.

 The damage waiver covers:

  • Replacement/cleaning/repair cost of the garment up to $250.

The Damage Waiver does not include: 

  • Theft of the garment/Refusing to send back the garments
  • Sending back garments late

The Damage Waiver is an extra charge that is added at the end of checkout, for $15 per item. This is a non-refundable fee, even if you return the garments undamaged. 

Add the damage waiver to your order Here 


Stolen Garments

If a dress is not returned within two weeks of the rental period the renter will be required to reimburse the full retail price of the dress plus the loss of future rental income (this amount will be determined by Dress Rental NZ)


Banning Renters

If a customer refuses to pay for cleaning, repair or late fees or is found to make false claims about missing or late garments in order to obtain a refund or to steal a garment they will make themselves liable to being banned from the rental service provided by Dress Rental NZ and/or being reported to the police.


Store Credit

If we have issued store credit it can be used for any available garment on our website and has a 6 month expiration.