How to Spot Fake Brands - Zimmermann + more

How to Spot Fake Brands - Zimmermann + more

How to Spot Fake Brands - Zimmermann + more

It's not only luxury accessories and handbags that are being duped and sold online. Because of the popularity of contemporary labels such as Zimmermann, Self Portrait slews of exact but not quite copies have appeared on resale platforms such as eBay and Amazon. These items are often listed at steep discounts to attract fans of the brand.

Nothing is worse than opening up an obviously in-genuine item that you thought you had bought at a bargain price. Follow these tips to know when a dream deal on a designer dress is too good to be true.

Multiple sizes and quantities

A dead giveaway for a copy is when a reseller has multiple sizes, variations of a dress. The likelihood of a genuine reseller or consignment store finding many identical articles of clothing is obviously very low. If the retailer is on sites like eBay where anyone can create an account; then the items are probably fakes.

Low quality/Incorrect details

This can be harder to tell without seeing the item in person, but if the fabric or colours look off or the embellishments and buttons feel light or cheaply made then it's likely the item is a fake. If the brand has a store in your area, it may be a good idea to visit and try on the clothes so you can get a feel for the level of quality of the products. Also some brands only use branded hardware and zippers. If this is the case for the make and model of the product and the item that you have uses a YKK zipper or generic hardware then it's probably not genuine.

Sizing Tags in the Wrong Place

For Zimmerman specifically sizing tags are always attached to the right of the label as pictured here. If the sizing tag is in a different place, then it's a fake.

Zimmermann authentic label

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