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Issy Orla Dress sz 8

Issy Orla Dress sz 8

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Postal Orders need to be made four working days in advance of the date you would like to wear the garment.

Gorgeous pleated dress with plunging neckline and tie back waist.

RRP 350.00

Fit Guarantee

Dress arrives and doesn't fit? Simply send it back within 24 hrs and we will provide you with store credit less postage charges.

Damage Waiver

Our damage waiver is optional and protects you from all damage and spills, and even a complete writeoff. Add one per garment to cart here

Postal Try-on

These can be booked in the above calendar. Postal Try-ons must be returned within 24 hrs of receiving.

Rental Agreement

Please read the rental agreement prior to making a purchase.


We allow returns for ill-fitting garments and garments sent in unsatisfactory condition. More information for this is in our Rental Agreement.


Do you offer try ons?

We are currently offering postal try ons, these can be booked individually on the product page. Postal Try-ons may not arrive perfectly on the date selected and are expected to be returned within a day of receiving.

What happens if I damage or stain a garment?

Please don’t attempt to clean or repair the garment yourself. Please return the garment as soon as possible and notify us of the damage. We will assess the garment upon return and contact you if there are any additional repair or cleaning costs. Alternatively if you had purchased a damage waiver then you will not be liable for the cost of any repairs or marks.

What date should I make a booking?

Each garment must be returned within one working day of the last day of the rental period. This means if the garment was rented for one day on a Friday it would need to be returned the following Monday. If the same garment had been rented for 3 days with the start date being a Friday it will need to be returned the following Wednesday. If the next working day falls on a public holiday then, you will need to return the garment on the next available working day. Please make the booking for the date you would like the dress to arrive by, which in most cases will be the day of your event. We will ensure that the dress arrives by that date.

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